I Still Believe

Lauren Daigle
Recording Artist

I STILL BELIEVE was stunning to say the least. The story captivated so many sentiments. I saw this film with my grandmother, my dad and my aunt, so that’s three generations and we all had tears falling down our face. We were all moved equally. This movie isn’t a matter of age. This movie is a matter of heart. If you have a heart, you’ll be able to feel something in this film that’s real.”

Danny Gokey
Recording Artist

“I absolutely found a lot of hope in his story. God always redeems. God always restores, and He never forgets those things. This movie is going to encourage your faith. It’s going to inspire your faith.”

Dannah Gresh
Bestselling Author, True Girl Conferences

I STILL BELIEVE is the kind of love story that’s been missing in our theaters. It’s refreshingly honest and gritty and showcases a love that maintains innocence but does not lack passion. You’ll leave with a desire to both experience and express the right kind of love. … Salty and full of light.”

Brandon Heath
Recording Artist

I STILL BELIEVE is an amazing movie. I love walking into a movie and not really knowing what to expect and being blown away and honestly, I’m blown away by it. And for me it was all about love the whole way through. The story is something that would touch anybody. … The story God tells is always better than the story we could tell.”

Michael W. Smith
Recording Artist

“It’s really an incredible love story. I love redemption. I love how God can get in the middle of something and turn it for the good."

Bob Lepine
Co-host, FamilyLife Today

“A triumph! A compelling story of love and loss and the kind of faith that endures. I STILL BELIEVE is a must-see!”

Jon Gordon
Bestselling Author and Keynote Speaker

“A powerful story of love, selflessness, and faith. I believe you will love this movie!”

Ed Young
Senior Pastor, Fellowship Church

“It’s a moving masterpiece of a movie!”

Mark Stuart
Recording Artist, Author, Speaker

“I’m a sucker for a great love story and this movie delivers. My wife’s going to love it. For a younger generation of people searching for true love, this is a beautiful depiction of what marriage and love should be … complete surrender to each other and to Jesus.”

Rebecca St James
Recording Artist

“I love I STILL BELIEVE! The love story is captivating. The acting is phenomenal. Britt and KJ, their chemistry is just insane, and you really get caught into the story. It’s a romance that will grip your heart and will inspire you like it did me.”

Donna-Marie Cooper O’Boyle
TV Host, International Speaker

I STILL BELIEVE will take your breath away. Your heart will soar as you are drawn into a most-incredible love story. Feel every emotion—cry, cheer, fret, jump for joy, and praise God as your soul is deeply touched by faith, hope, and love. Miracles still happen—don’t miss this movie!”

Alex Kendrick
Writer and Director, Kendrick Brothers Productions

I STILL BELIEVE is a beautifully shot and well-acted film! It reminds us that love and loss are still opportunities to see God’s hand at work.”

Patsy Clairmont
Speaker and Author

I STILL BELIEVE whispers and shouts of love. You can’t help but leave the experience elevated and joyful.”

Heather Land
Comedian and Author

I STILL BELIEVE is a beautiful love story full of redemption. Great movie!”

Sandi Patty
Award-Winning Singer

“This movie captured my heart and my soul. I cried along with the characters.”

Anita Renfroe
Comedian and Author

“I love a great love story and believe that you can trace God’s hand in the details. This movie will bring you to laughter, tears, and heart-changing moments.”

JJ Heller
Recording Artist

“It was heartfelt, profound, beautiful, deep, and moving. I mean, who doesn’t love a love story? Come see this film. You’re going to love I STILL BELIEVE.”

Sean O’Connor
Assistant Professor, Cedarville University

“Not only is I STILL BELIEVE the finest work from the Erwin Brothers and their team, but it's also a compelling love story between man and wife AND between man and God. Go see this movie!”

Martin Larson
Pastor, Highland Park Church

“If I could only see one movie this year, this would be it.”

Todd Young
Pastor, Skyline Baptist Church

“I highly recommend I STILL BELIEVE. The movie has a powerful message that applies to every person everywhere.”

John Holt
Family Ministry Pastor, Bayshore

“This is a great film. I recommend it to all families.”

Tom Seevers
Men’s Pastor, Newlife Ministries

“This is a fantastic movie! The love story told here is amazing but beyond that the hope found in Christ is clear through this story! My wife and I loved it.”

Gabrielle Tucker
Worship Leader, River of Life Christian Ministries

I STILL BELIEVE puts pure and selfless love on display for all the world to see. In a world where restraint has been cast off, I STILL BELIEVE puts what true love is back before our eyes. I highly recommend this movie.”

Taylor Baker
Youth Leader, Oak Park Church

“This movie hits you right in the feels! This love story will leave you feeling encouraged and inspired.”

WAY-FM Morning Host

“The cast of I STILL BELIEVE is fantastic. KJ and Britt, there’s a really cool chemistry that they have on screen.”

Jeremy Redmon
Big Daddy Weave

“The cast is fantastic. KJ Apa is amazing. And Britt Robertson—I can’t think of anybody that could have been more perfect. You see every emotion in her face. It's just unbelievable.”

Christy Rowden
Director of Student Activities, Evangel University

I STILL BELIEVE is fun, moving, and real from beginning to end. I especially appreciated how it presented the hope of a life with Christ but didn’t oversimplify true faith in the midst of hardships and heartbreak … I’m so excited to see it again in theaters!”

Josh Griffin
Co-Founder, Download Youth Ministry

I STILL BELIEVE is an inspiring and powerful story and a GREAT movie to take your youth group to see! Plus … KJ Apa? I mean, come on!”

Tracey Eyster
Founder and Director, MomLifeToday.com

“My mom heart sighed experiencing the compassion, strength and love portrayed on screen. It sets a stunning example for today's youth and young adults.”

DeLynn Rizzo
Director of ARC Women (Association of Relational Churches)

“I STILL BELIEVE is such an inspiring movie. I believe that it will impact the lives of many—it serves as a reminder that suffering doesn’t destroy your faith, it refines it. A MUST WATCH!”

Jeremy Bollens
CRU Team Leader, Texas Tech

“I STILL BELIEVE is an inspiring story about sacrificial love.”

Nicole C Mullen
Recording Artist

“It was beautiful to see that old-fashioned values are still relevant today and that they still make us swoon and they show the love of Christ. I liked the realness in it. I love the fact that sometimes things don’t turn out the way we would like for them to turn out, but God’s plan is always better than ours.”

Kevin Palau
President, Luis Palau Association

“Great story. Great cast. Great message. Don’t miss this powerful movie!”

Mitch Harbeson
Partner, SFG Studios

“One of the best love stories I’ve seen in decades. Go experience this love!”

Mike Scheuchzer

“It’s a great story. I think it will appeal to anyone with a heart.”

Janice Gaines
Recording Artist

“It was a beautiful story told beautifully, emotionally. It’s a love story you don’t want to miss.”

Andrew Palau
Evangelist and Author, The Palau Association

“Life isn’t always easy. This movie is a powerful reminder that we can trust God is in control in the midst of it all.”

John Smith

I STILL BELIEVE will be the most powerful movie of 2020. God can use life’s hardest circumstances to create a beautiful miracle.”

Ken Canfield PhD.
Founder, National Center for Fathering

“I guarantee you'll be glad you saw it.”

Steve Arterburn
Author, Speaker, and Radio Host, New Life Ministries

“This is a movie full of hope and healing. You will leave the theater with a fresh sense of inspiration and motivation to grow closer to God and serve others in His name. A MUST SEE!”

Jackelyn Viera Iloff
Senior Advisor, Lakewood Church

“One of the best things about this movie is that it’s so relatable. … I STILL BELIEVE will leave you reflecting on God’s promises.”

Bone Hampton

“The easy question is what didn’t I like about I STILL BELIEVE, which was nothing. It motivates you to say, ‘When you find love, you push through whatever obstacles there may be.’”

Anastasia Northrop
Director, National Catholic Singles Conference

I STILL BELIEVE is a moving film about the power of faith—about how God works in mysterious ways, bringing beauty from suffering and joy from pain. It’s a reminder that his ways are mightier than our ways and that he provides hope and strength for whatever life may bring!

Dave Wilson
Co-Host, FamilyLife Today

I STILL BELIEVE is a powerful and heart-tugging story that will give you a fresh perspective on God’s goodness in a way you didn’t see coming. It will move you to ‘still believe’ in a very present Father who loves you in a very present way.”

Greg Davis
President, First Priority of Alabama

“The true story in I STILL BELIEVE ironically is hard to believe. But because of the redemptive power of the gospel, the movie is too good not to believe. Be ready to laugh, cry, and be drawn closer to your loved ones … and to God!”

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